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Worcester Regional Science & Engineering Fair
High School Award Recipients 2019


Student Name Project Title High School Town

Jiwon Choi

Bio-Ink:  Evaluation of Protein as Biomaterials for 3D Printing St. Mark's School


Hannah Puhov Under Pressure: Customized Insoles for Plantar Pressure Ulcers.  Mass Academy of Math & Science 




Student Name Project Title High School Town
Ananthan Sadagopan IFNy Susceptibility in Chordoma Westborough HS Westborough
Adway Wadekar  Prediciting Opioid (OUD) Using Machine Learning St. John's HS  Shrewsbury 

Alannah Miller

Alisa Stolyar

Let' Yeet the Wheat:Removing Gluten 

from Fryer Oil 

Hopkinton HS  Hopkinton
Haley Dion The Regulatory Impact of ApoE on IGF1   Signaling in Alzheimer's Disease St. Mark's School  Southborough 
Rohan Minocha Systems & Methods for Automated Programmable Dispensing of Medication  Hopkinton HS Hopkinton 
Eshan Sane & Anoop Patta & Krish Nathan  Designing a Thyroid Hormone Detection System Westborough HS Westborough

Esther Ng

The Effects of Metalloproteinase Inhibition on UV-Induced Danio rerio 

Mass Academy of Math & Science


Kerrie Verbeek The Effects of Exercise on Aggression in a SigA Model of Schizophrenia St. Mark's School  Southborough
Andrew Adiletta  A Study in the Traveling Salesman Problem  Worcester Academy  Worcester
Maxwell Onffroy Using Superhydrophobic Substances to Prevent Corrosion Bancroft School 


Megan Christy Electrospun Polymer Materials for Endothelialization on Stent Graphs St. Mark's School Southborough 
Jack Adiletta A Biologically-Inspired, Modular Robotic Arm Worcester Academy


Saad Mohsin Synthetic Biology for Neurodegenerative Diseases St. John's HS Shrewsbury  
Fariha Fardin Spill The Tea, Sis: Can Green Tea Prevent & Cure Cancer Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Benjamin Dwyer Business is Blooming: Carbon vs.Phosphate on Algal Growth and Lipids Wachusett RHS Holden  
Arnav Mishra Helping the Blind, One Step at a Time Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury   
Garima Prabhakar Aiding Exoplanet Detection by Assessing Orbital Parameter Relations  Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury  
Adviait Nene Patient Specific Delivery of Proton Beam Radiation  Hopkinton HS Hopkinton   





Student Name Project TItle High School Town
Neelasha Bhattacharjee Are You Seeing What I'm Seeing: Analysing Glaucoma Patient Data Shrewsbury HS Shrewsbury
Rianna Massoni-Nesman

The Effects of Cell Phone Electromagnetic Radiation                 on  C. elegans

Wachsett RHS Holden
Mymoon Bhuiyan Utilizing Algae Based Photo Bioreactors to Reduce Carbon Dioxide  Burncoat HS Worcester
Elise Mizerak  The Effect of Lithim on Learning and Memory in D.melanogaster Wachusett RHS  Holden 
Marzuq Iqbal How Bacteria Can Help Us Treat Diabetes Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School Worcester 

RuiPei Huang

Lanternfish: A Low-Cost Industrial Gripper to Optimize Gripping Force

Bancroft School. Worcester
Andrew Youssef SafeSound: A Novel NIHL Prevention via Sound Attenuation  Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Faith Jenning The Effects of Heat Stress on Telomere Length in C.elegans St. Mark's School Southborough 
Bharath Heggadahalli

Kneed a Brace? Engineering an ACL Tear Prevention Knee Brace

Mass Acadamy of Math & Science 


Areeanvitha Emani HeLa and NIH/3T3 Activity on Plastic Tissue Culture and PDMS Substrat Shrewsbury HS


Shreya Balaji Effects of BDNF Inhibition on Hypoxia-Induced Danio rerio Development  Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Arun Chintalapati Effects of Sensory Stimuli on Memory in Alzheimer's Drosophila Models  Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester


Student Name Project Title High School Town
Alexa Volfson The Effects of Propolis on E.coli Wachusett RHS Holden
Neha Perumal The Efficacy of Gefitinib in Lung Cancer Related EGFR Mutations  Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Megan Frisella  Investigating Economic Influence on Homeless Populations  in Boston, MA Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester
Lucas Lanzendorf Mobile Application of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network of Produce Mass Academy of Math & Science 


Thrusha Puttaraju Activation of R26E01 Neurons/dsx Enhance Agression in Drosophila  Hopkinton HS Hopkinton
Grant Gattuso Ketogenic Diet in a Drosophila Model of Parkinson's Disease St. Mark's School Southborough
Marissa Gardner Effects of Methylene Blue on Drosophila Models of Huntingtion;s Disease  Mass Academy of Math & Science Worcester 

Ian Minier, Harry Paul, Carter Paul

Effects of Wax Worm Digestive Bacteria on Polyethylene Biodegradation  Marlborough HS Marlborough 

Elan Rosen, Shazain Khan

Engineering of Congenic Huntington Fibroblast Cell Lines, Using CRISPR

Hopkinton HS Hopkinton 
Tyler Rhodes Early Wildfire Detection through Thermal Imaging and Drones Hopkinton HS Hopkinton 
Katherine Schmalz The Effect of Preadult Malnutrition on Offspring Learning and Memory  Wachusett RHS


Connor Casey Modeling and Treating Cardiac Arrhythias using C. Elegans  Leominster HS Leominster 
Anna He  Heating and Cooling Unit for Optimizing Sleep Periods Mass Academy of Math & Science  Worcester

Worcester Regional Middle School Science & Engineering Fair 2018 Award Recipients

Prize Student Project Title School

Grand Prize, Genzyme Award, Broadcom Master

Nexus Attiogbe How Does Salinity Affect the Dissolved Oxygen Content of Water

Sullivan Middle School, Worcester

First Place,      WRSEF Award,          Broadcom Master

Kevin Gu Feel the Burn Hopkinton Middle School, Hopkinton
First Place,  Broadcom Master Sruthi Kurada Building a Stae of the Art Audio Classifier Through Machine Learning Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School, Marlborough
First Place,  Broadcom Master Simran Kaur Soaring Through Radar Hopkinton Middle School, Hopkinton
First Place,  Broadcom Master Anzhuo Wang Arduino Controlled Security Gibbons Middle School,Westborough
First Place,  Broadcom Master Keira Gentilucci  What Melts Faster? Burncoat Middle School, Worcester
First Place,  Broadcom Master Victoria  Onffroy Ice, Ice, Maybe Bancroft School, Worcester
Second Place, Broadcom Master Isabel Urban Fizzy Fun Bancroft School, Worcester
Scond Place, Broadcom Master Nolan Byron Rocket Aerodynamics Bancroft School, Worcester
Second Place, Broadcom Master Sayedazhars Peerzade Real Time Traffic  Sign Detection  Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School, Marlborough
Second Place, Broadcom Master Sneha Jaiswal Contacting 911 with the Press of an Epi-Pen Hopkinton Middel School, Hopkinton
Second Place, Broadcom Master Leart Jahaj Electrifiying Electrolysis Bancroft School, Worcester 
Second Place, Broadcom Master Anushka Mukhopadhyay Are Natural or Chemical Solutions a Better Way to Treat Acne? Oak Middle School, Shrewsbury
Second Place,Broadcom Master Miles Appleton, Bryce Maloney Shakes and Ladders Sullivan Middle School, Worcester
Second Place, Broadcom Master Ayush Gopal The Effects of Certain Wavelengths of Light on Plant Growth  Gibbons Middle School, Westborough 
Second Place, Broadcom Master Naomi Schiffer Not a Drop to Drink  Bancroft School, Worcester
Second Place, Broadcom Master Arnav Mishra Operating Trash Pickup Machine Oak Middle School, Shrewsbury
Second Place, Broadcom Master Anusha Prabhakar Modeling a Fotball Helmet to Prevent Damage to the Brain St. Bernadette School, Northborough
Second  Place, Broadcom Master Elias Berthel Do Certain Materials Block Sound Better?  Quaboag Regional Middle/ High School, Warren
Second Place, Broadcom Master Tiffany Rawlston Flying High  Sullivan Middle School, Worcester
Third  Place, Broadcom Master Luca Frost, Avery Strogoff Ice Melt Mania Sullivan Middle School, Worcester
Third  Place Adrian Moulin Stealthy Shapes Bancroft School, Worcester
Third  Place Jacob Cristo  Aerodynamics:Such a Drag Millbury Memorial Jr/Sr High School, Millbury
Third Place

Jack Hanssen

Wicked Wild Wavelengths Bancroft School, Worcester
Third Place Lauren Popimchalk, Sophia Guerra Florescent Yeast  Burncoat Middle School, Worcester
Third Place Dev Khanna Can Color Affect Movement? Melican Middle School, Northborough
Third Place Gayatri Ankalu, Akshaya Shankarganesh Does Your Juice Have Vitamin C?  Gibbons Middle School, Westborough 
Third Place Isha Gopal  SPS: Safe Personal Space  Oak Middle School, Shrewsbury
Third Place Ella Canney  Is Your Toothpaste Harming Animals? Millbury Memorial Jr/Sr High School
Third Place Lauren Rose  Jiggly Gelatin Millbury Memorial Jr/Sr High School, Millbury
Honorable Mention Matthew Doyle, Owen Gray, Gavin Gualtieri Crystal Chemistry  Douglas Middle School, Douglas
Honorable Mention  Ella Berger Are Superluminal Speeds Really Unreachable  Homeschool
Honorable Mention 

Diego Suchenski-Loustaunau

C the Benefits! Sullivan Middle School, Worcester
Honorable Mention Katelyn McMillan Fly Fiasco Millbury Memorial Jr/Sr High School, Millbury
Honorable Mention Ayla Corcoran Does More Light Produce Bigger Plants? Millbury Memorial, Jr/Sr High Schoo, Millbury
Honorable Mention Natalia Cosgrove Atienza Explosive Science  Sullivan Middle School, Worceser
Honorable Mention Joshua Seiple Crazy Catalase Catalyst Bancroft School, Worcester
Honorable Mention Anjolina Fantaroni The Skinny on Moisturizers Quaboag Regional  Middle High School, Warren
Honorable Mention Emma Robeau Yeast Unleashed: How Does Sweetener Type Affect Yeast Metabolism  Sullivan Middle School, Worcester
Honorable Mention Abigail Padilla, Kelly Grace Paper Rockets Nelson Place School, Worcester 
Honorable Mention Andrew Jacobson Convection Carousel, A Science Fair Ride Bancroft School, Worcester
Honorable Mention      
Honorable Mention