How to Enter:

The Worcester Regional Science & Engineering Fair encourages scientifically talented Worcester area middle and high school students to enter the annual fair held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It is not necessary for a school to hold its own science fair in order to enter the Regional Fair. Students involved in research or independent study projects may enter directly. The High School Fair allows twelve (12) projects from each school. The Middle School Fair allows ten (10) projects from each school. Students must inform and consult with their science teacher and school before beginning a science research project.

The science fair provides an invaluable experience for students to present their work and share ideas with others. Science inquiry and research are also part of the Massachusetts Science Curriculum Frameworks.

Additional High School Fair Information:

The Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (Team or Individual) Student Checklist (1A), Research Plan, Approval Form (1B), and Checklist for Teacher (1) must be completed and submitted for each project. Students can access these forms and other forms necessary for restricted areas of research by using the MSSEF Online system (SEFOS) This wizard-like software will lead students through the account application process and will generate the forms needed for the project. The students will then need to complete, obtain signatures and and upload the forms to their account

If the project involves any of the areas in the two boxes at the bottom of Student Checklist (1A), the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) must review and approve the project before the experiment can begin. The SRC will review projects as they are submitted, but make note of the deadlines.

Projects chosen (12 per school) to enter the Regional Fair must submit a Registration Form (Team or Individual) and a Media Release Form to the WRSEF(Region 2) High School Chair by the deadline.

Additional Middle School Information:

Research Plan Forms 1 A and 1B and if necessary Form C and D must be filled out by the students and the science teacher and submitted to the Regional Safety Review Committee (SRC) on or before the deadline. Students and teachers should review the Middle School Rules and Regulations before submitting forms. The SRC will review the projects and send the research plans back with comments or approval. Once they are approved, the student can begin work on their project.

Projects chosen to enter the Regional Fair (10 per school) must submit a Registration Form and appropriate approved Research Plan Forms to the WRSEF (Region II) Middle School Chair before the deadline. If applicable, submit ALL signed copies of Form C with the registration.


Occasionally, the WRSEF Board holds workshops for science teachers and/or schools. The topics can range from how to get started with student research and the inquiry process to how to run a successful school science fair. If a teacher or school is interested in a particular topic, please contact us, and WRSEF will work with teachers and schools to provide the services required.

The Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair currently provides workshops and college credit courses for science teachers relative to the research process . Please see their website for more information.

WRSEF Workshops:

Thursday, November 20, 2014, 4-5:30 pm, Regional Science Resource Center, Stoddard Building, 222 Maple Ave., Shrewsbury, MA. Informational Meeting on Middle School science project process and forms. Middle schools new to the process are strongly urged to send a representative to this meeting.


There are many useful resources available for both students and teachers. Many of these are on the Internet. WRSEF welcomes other suggestions for this page. Please contact us to recommend a particular resource not included in the following list:

Dates and Deadlines:

In order to run a successful WRSEF all teachers/schools must be aware of dates and adhere to deadlines. Please consult the Dates and Deadlines for either the High School Fair or Middle School Fair

If for any reason the teacher, school, or students cannot adhere to the deadlines, please contact us